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Data Operations

data driven decision makers

Hire someone else and guess all you want, that's at your expense. We make strategic decisions based on data that shows what is working and what's not. This thought process doesn't just apply to advertising, but across the board to all development and systems. How many times have users clicked for more information? None? Lets remove that button and put something more useful there. We also know our back ends from our fronts. We spend time making sure it functions as well as it looks.

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What we do

Making Business Easier

Mobile vs Cloud

Assign a distinct business number to your mobile, or answer the call from your computer.

Web Development

Have an ugly website, or none at all? We make some beautiful, functional, personalized sites.


Experts in managing, creating, and distributing the right advertising for your business.

Data and Tracking

Knowing that something isn't working is the most important piece of the puzzle, in everything.


Having multiple devices is the new thing. Phone, laptop, tablet, or walkie talkie. Ok, maybe not that last one. Doesn't matter. What does matter is that you can work on it all, and your website should too.

Our Packages

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  • Call Routing
  • Web Interface
  • 1-10 Users
  • 5k Minutes
  • Responsive
  • Custom Features
  • Custom Design
  • User Tracking
  • Business Listings
  • SEO Testing
  • Ad Testing
  • Monthly Reports

Customer Inspired

frequently asked questions

Is there a contract?

There is always a contract, but mostly to protect you as the client. Contract length depends mostly on the service you are purchasing. Something like development won't have a term- but something like hosting will have a year-long contract.

Do you hit deadlines?

We have a method for setting milestones, accepting feedback, and hitting deadlines. Depending on the client, deadlines are either easy to meet or hard to meet- but we do our best to define work from day one and schedule it appropriately.

Why are you better?

Having a professional's advice always helps to make things run a lot smoother. Whether you are just starting a business, or have an existing company you're working with, give us a call. We love to be transparent.

What about outages?

Most everything we do is hosted on AWS servers where we've never had an issue with uptime. Also, we put uptime guarantees in the contract so you never have to worry about paying for a service you arent recieving.

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Whether you are just curious about starting a business, or you've been working with another agency and are looking for some next steps- reach out to us. We are more than happy to talk quickly about your needs and even give some free advice. Let us help you take that next step you are looking for. Your success is our success.

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Greenville Information Tech Company

Located in Greenville South Carolina, We are a Technology company focused on tech in Greenville and Greenville only. Tech can be confusing, but as consultants, we help... by consulting. We consult on things like SEO, web design, marketing, strategy, consulting, greenville, technology, key words, search helpers, etc.